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[Hawaii] Mauna Kea Looms 3

[Hawaii] Pu’ukohola Heiau 2

[Hawaii] Barren. Two Ways.

[Killarney] Down the Crack

[Killarney] The Rock

[Killarney] Painted Rock 2

[Killarney] Birch Reflected 2

[Killarney] Wrecked

[TIFF] Stephen Bishop @ the “Moneyball” Premiere

[TIFF] Angelina Jolie… Through a Wall of Cameras

[TIFF] Angelina Jolie @ the “Moneyball” Premiere

[TIFF] Watchful Eyes

[TIFF] Philip Seymour Hoffman @ the “Moneyball” Premiere

[TIFF] Anna Faris @ the “MoneyBall” Premiere

[TIFF] David Justice – Moneyball Premiere

Ghost Cottage 2

Reaching Dock

Ghost Island

[Yuri's Night] Ames Research Center

[Yuri's Night] Tiny Rocket

[Yuri's Night] Hangar Door

[Yuri's Night] Hangar

[SFO] Lonely Dock

[SFO] Bay Bridge & Posts 2

[SFO] Stairs

[SFO] Looking to the Bay

[SFO] Down Filbert St.

[SFO] Bay Bridge 2

[SFO] Pier Warehouse

[SFO] Black and White Bay Bridge & Benches,

[SFO] California St.

[SFO] Bay Bridge: Framed 2

[SFO] Bay Bridge B&W

Stainless Wall

Pulling to the Horizon 2

Pulling to the Horizon

Continuity through the Shadow


Parallel Lines

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